Safety Tips When Using Christmas Lights?

During the holiday season, almost all homes string light all over our houses. However, similar to any electrical appliance, Christmas lights could be a possible danger. In this article, we’ve listed the tips you should always remember to keep your family safe over the festive season: 

Have solar outdoors 

There are a lot of promising solar lighting options available today. Hence, it would be best to update your outdoor lights to sun-powered and safe types as much as possible. When you want to utilize plug-in outdoor lights, just connect the, to an extension cord or a power outlet intended for outdoor use.  

Follow the recommended use 

Make sure to read the instruction about your lights all the time before you decide to utilize them. Moreover, refrain from utilizing indoor lights for your outdoor areas even if the area is covered and vice versa.  

Decorate thoughtfully 

As you have some ornaments all over your lights, be careful not to put flammable decorations directly over the lights. Know that LED bulbs also produce a minimal amount of heat over time. Once you carelessly hang a feathered material that can easily be inflamed, it could lead to major trouble.  

Ditch the multi-box 

Though a tree dripping with sparkling lights might appear stunning, make sure to never overload your outlets with multi-boxes. Rather, we recommend you to opt for a single longer light length that just needs just one plug. When you want to utilize a multi-box, you can invest in installing a surge protector.  

Prevent having messy cables 

When your Christmas tree will be placed in a spot without power outlets nearby, choose to have battery-operated lights instead of using long extension cords. Extension cords won’t just make a tripping hazard, they can also make electrical hazards because they are susceptible to fraying eventually.  

Check your lights from last year 

If you plan to put up your previously used lights, guarantee to inspect them first before you add them to your Christmas tree. Pay attention to any loose connection, broken bulbs, or wire fraying since all of them could be a potential fire hazard. If you’re doubtful, it would be best to discard them. Though they have sentimental value, it is not worth risking when they’ve already worn out.  

Go for LED bulbs 

The majority of Christmas lights now have an LED bulb feature, which isn’t just brighter but also more worth it to run and cost-effective. Moreover, this type of light produces less heat compared to the traditional ones.  

Only purchase from your trusted retailers 

If you plan to buy new Christmas lights, make sure to only purchase some from reputable retailers. Though purchasing Christmas lights online is much cheaper, there could be chances that they don’t meet the electrical safety standards.  

Switch all the lights off before bed 

Make sure to turn off all of your plugged-in Christmas lights before going to bed or leaving the house.  

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