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Another Reason I Love Suki Pure Skincare

I fell in love with Suki Skincare when I tried their Lemongrass cleanser/exfoliant (I don’t even really use an exfoliant regularly, but the smell was so heavenly and my skin was so baby-like, I was smitten). What’s more, Suki products are void of all those scary ingredients (parabens, phthaltes, SLS, petrolatum, and so on), packaged [...]

Vexed by Vaccines: Do Older Dogs Need the Rabies Vaccine?

A few years ago, our dog, Chloe, suddenly and mysteriously started losing control of her hind-quarters. She would fall over. Or trip on a step. She always looked a bit baffled by this, like she couldn’t quite figure out why her body wasn’t cooperating. We returned to our vet, who was equally baffled. We decided [...]

Toxin Worse Than Lead Found in Children’s Jewellery

Little girls love jewellery. At least my two girls do. And, well-meaning friends and relatives have kept them well-supplied with bling. But just when we thought the costume jewellery aisles were getting cleaned up – thanks to U.S. legislation restricting lead in jewellery – there’s a new metal showing up in Made In China kids’ [...]

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